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Mobile wireless charger mainly includes desktop type, embedded type, etc
2020-06-11 15:36:26

Do you often encounter the following problems:

1. The mobile phone often has no power

2. Keep charging at the socket

3. Multi side charging

4. The messy table is full of wires. You need to find a charger from the messy table every day

Then the Desktop Wireless charger can satisfy you! Generally, the smart portable products on the market (such as mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, smart wear, etc.) wireless chargers are mainly divided into Desktop Wireless chargers, embedded wireless chargers, portable wireless chargers, vertical wireless chargers, car wireless chargers, etc.

Wireless charging system

The general Desktop Wireless charger is simple, convenient, safe and reliable, and can be installed on the furniture. No matter you are in the office, home play, hotel dining, coffee shop leisure, as long as the table is embedded with this wireless charger, you can put and charge as you like, and no longer need the winding of wires. Use the fragmented time to charge, and the mobile phone can also be full of power when eating.

Do you really want some? Micro operations is developing an innovative product wireless charging and heating lunch box. Its wireless charger is a wireless charging board based on kapolin magnetic resonance coupling technology. In the future, it has the opportunity to develop or support more wireless charging products.

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