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  • How about the efficiency of wireless fast charging and whether there is radiation in wireless charging

    2019-10-24 14:26:20
    When Xiaobian was surfing the Internet yesterday, she saw a netizen asking if the wireless charger would radiate. And whether it will damage the mobile phone, and whether its use process is safe. Of course, others say that the charging process of wireless charger is very slow. Is that what they say? Let's take a look at the power of wireless charging and its security.
  • Some standards that wireless charging will reach in the future

    2019-10-24 14:23:25
    I think nobody doesn't know about the hot wireless charging recently, but the comments on the Internet show polarization. One kind of people say it's very convenient, the other kind of people have many doubts, such as low safety and efficiency. What standards will wireless charging meet in the future? Will it solve the existing doubts of users? Now let's imagine what standards wireless charging will meet in the future.
  • Is wireless charger harmful to human body and mobile phone

    2019-10-24 14:18:05
    Now the wireless charger is very common, but there are still many misunderstandings about it. For example, it has radiation, which is harmful to human body, and it will heat up when charging intermittently, which will do great harm to mobile phones. Is that right? Is wireless charger harmful to human body and mobile phone? Let's argue.
  • IPhone 8 wireless charging related issues

    2019-10-24 13:44:11
    I believe you still have these questions about the wireless charging of the iPhone 8

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