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How to use car wireless charger
2020-06-18 15:43:02

There are many owners of private cars, in the process of driving the car, or when they go out, they may find that their mobile phone has no power, or the power is too low. At this time, they need to use the car wireless charger to complete the charging of mobile phones. Now, how to use the car wireless charger in the end.

The first step is to choose a suitable mobile wireless charger.

Now the car wireless charger sold on the market will still have different brands and types, especially suitable for the use of mobile phones of different brands. Therefore, since it is necessary to use this charger, it is necessary to make corresponding choices. We must choose the appropriate charger products according to our mobile phone brands.

Second, fix the position.

At present, the car wireless charger is used in the interior of the car, so it is very important to choose the right location first when using this charger. We must pay attention to choose the right position, and fix it for the position. As long as it does not block the vision and affect the driving, we can choose this position.

wireless charger

The third step is to connect.

As long as you can select and fix the location, you can choose to connect the data line of the wireless charger directly to the cigarette lighter port of the car, and then connect the other end directly to the wireless charging line. As long as you can finish the fixation without sliding, you can put the mobile phone on the charger for charging.

How to use the car wireless charger? If you want to use such a charger, you can completely follow the steps to complete the use of the charger, so as to meet your own use needs.

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