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What is the experience of the car wireless charger and the price?
2021-06-09 10:42:15

Car wireless charger is safe and harmless to human body. It uses magnetic resonance, which only propagates between coils that resonate at the same frequency, and will not be interfered by other bands. In addition, this kind of magnetic field itself is not harmful to human body. As a new charging technology, from the perspective of safety, there is no need to worry.

Car wireless charging PCB manufacturers

Compared with the traditional mobile phone charger, the car wireless charger system is very short in charging time, and can quickly charge the mobile phone.


The loss of download wireless charging technology is very low compared with wired charger, and the conversion rate is very high. It is because of the relatively high conversion rate that wireless chargers are widely used in the world.

Manufacturer of vehicle wireless charging bracket

The core chip of car wireless charger is the main difficulty of application, the range of radiation control magnetic field frequency is small, so the control is realized by the core chip, which contains a very high technical content.

Through the above introduction, we can find that the car wireless charger has many characteristics, and for people in need, safe and harmless, short power on time, high conversion rate, high technology content, these are not what people are pursuing now?

Mobile phone wireless charger is gradually accepted by people. However, if you want to buy a wireless charger, how much is it? This may be the most concerned thing. So today I will tell you about the price of mobile wireless charger from the aspects of materials and classification?

Shenzhen wireless charger manufacturer - Desktop hidden wireless charger t3-25

First of all, let's talk about the principle of wireless charger: wireless charging uses the principle of electromagnetic induction. There is a general mobile phone wireless charger price in 160 or so.

Secondly, I'd like to introduce a mobile wireless charger, which can be divided into mobile, desktop, car mounted and embedded. In terms of classification, the price of mobile wireless charger is about 200 yuan; The price of Desktop Wireless charger is about 150 to 240; Mobile wireless charger 40 to 200 yuan; The price of Embedded Wireless charger is about 60 yuan.

Finally, let's talk about the price of mobile phone wireless charger from the perspective of material. At present, mobile phone wireless charger consists of three parts: motherboard, coil and shell. Motherboard with different chips, the price is not the same; Whether the coil is single coil or multi coil, the material cost and price are different; The materials used in the case are aluminum alloy and plastic, so the price is different.

The price of the ordinary mobile phone wireless charger on the market is usually about 100 yuan. The materials used in the motherboard, coil and shell are just the same.

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