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1What kinds of wireless chargers are available at present?
2021-06-28 16:14:34

What kinds of wireless chargers are available at present?

1. Desktop Wireless charger

(1) There is no winding line, simple and beautiful, looks comfortable, higher quality of life;

(2) No need to plug in and out frequently. It's easy to put and charge, so that your mobile phone will never be short of power;

(3) Don't worry about the incompatibility of Samsung and apple connectors. Wireless chargers supporting Qi and other standards can charge;

(4) There is no risk of electric shock when charging and answering the phone, which completely avoids the safety problem and can answer the phone at any time;

(5) Let the battery work longer life, because that discharge and charge, let the battery with no lack of electricity, battery life is longer.

(6) There is no need for wired interface, many products can be made into fully enclosed waterproof products.


2. Car wireless charger

With the improvement of living standards, people begin to have their own cars. However, when we drive out, we will encounter some problems, so we can borrow some other products to make us more convenient. Car wireless charger is a necessary item for us to drive out and protect our safety.

3. Portable wireless charger

4. Embedded wireless charger

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