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What are the preparations before the decoration of intelligent lighting system?
2020-12-03 11:02:07

Intelligent lighting system, because of its intelligent high-tech performance, brings great convenience to people's life and virtually improves people's quality of life. Therefore, many families and some business places begin to like to choose intelligent lighting system to dress up their own space.

Intelligent lighting is infinitely good, but before you choose to install it, as a consumer, you need to do more homework to understand the many "hard goods" of smart lighting.

1. Preparation before decoration of intelligent lighting system

It mainly needs to discuss and determine the lighting circuit with the designer, and determine where the common switch, which places need dimming, and which places need special design.

Then on the intelligent lighting wiring, it will be more simple to press the intelligent light control lighting system, just connect the power line of the controlled lamp into the light box.

2. Understand the difference between intelligent lighting and ordinary lighting

Intelligent lighting system is an intelligent control and management system for lighting. Compared with conventional lighting, it has many advantages. The differences between intelligent lighting and general lighting are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Intelligent lighting can realize soft light on, intelligent dimming, one key scene, full on or off, one-to-one remote control and partition control management. It can also realize remote, timing, centralized, remote control and other control modes, so as to achieve the demands of energy saving, environmental protection, convenience and comfort.

However, the ordinary lighting can only be turned on and off, and there are only two kinds of lights on and off, which can not be fully turned on or off, can not be dimming, and can not be remotely controlled, which wastes human, material and financial resources.


3. Selection of lamps and lanterns for intelligent lighting

Intelligent lighting system includes centralized control and multi-point operation, soft start function, which is incomparable to traditional ordinary lighting. Do intelligent lighting have any special requirements for lamps and lanterns?

In fact, intelligent lighting system has wide applicability to lamps and lanterns. As long as the common incandescent lamps, LED lamps and halogen lamps in the market all adopt external drivers, they can carry out intelligent docking linkage. In addition, our daily use of chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, night lights and so on, these lamps have a wider spectrum and can better meet the requirements of matching intelligent lighting systems.

4. Matters needing attention in installing intelligent lighting system

As we know, intelligent lighting is only a subsystem of smart home. The large system of smart home can be divided into lighting control system, electric curtain control system, background music, intelligent home appliance management and intelligent security monitoring system, etc. The intelligent lighting control system is better not to be integrated with other systems, especially those with a host computer. Once the host is broken, you can't even turn on the lights. The more functions the system integrates, the higher the probability of failure. This is an inevitable rule

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