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Do you need to unplug the car charger when not in use
2020-12-30 14:15:13

I believe many car owners have used car chargers. Yes, the car charger can extend the resource limited USB interface inherent in the car. It can not only charge the mobile phone, but also power a series of vehicle electronic devices such as dash cam. It greatly improves the power resource environment of the car. However, whether to unplug the car charger when not in use has always been a big controversy, so let's take a look now, can the car charger not be unplugged when not in use?


Usually, we use the car charger to follow the principle of "plug in first when the engine is off, and then plug in after starting". However, with the continuous development and improvement of product technology, the car charger on the market can basically be inserted into the cigarette lighter interface at any time. But it should be noted that when the vehicle starts, remember not to connect the mobile phone, otherwise, due to the unstable current when the vehicle starts, it is likely to have a certain impact on the mobile phone charging module or battery.

From the above we can know that the current car charger can be used when not in use. Of course, if the owners and friends are not relaxed and not too troublesome, they can be pulled out when they are not in use.

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