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Is the wireless charger easy to use?
2020-05-30 10:00:50

With the continuous improvement of living standards, there are more and more high-tech products in our country, such as wireless charging technology has entered our life. People can put mobile phones, intelligent heating lunch boxes, intelligent water cups and other products on wireless charging equipment, just put the receiver products on the kapolin wireless charging board to automatically charge, eliminating the need to find data lines and charging heads The trouble of wireless charging can be realized.

Micro operations is about to launch a wireless charging product, wireless charging and heating lunch box. Its wireless charging device, wireless charger, is the application of kapolin remote magnetic resonance wireless charging technology. The kapolin wireless charging board can transmit electric energy up to 20-45mm effective charging distance, killing ordinary wireless charging bases that can only stick to mobile phones, and can also be hidden Installation, will not take up additional space, do not need to worry about the wireless charging seat. Office workers can charge their batteries wirelessly on the desktop anytime, anywhere!

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