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Wireless charging and limited difference
2020-04-08 10:54:53

In fact, we all feel very strange about wireless charging, because the charger and the electric equipment transmit electric energy with magnetic field and do not need wire connection between them, so the charger and the electric equipment can reach the non conducting contact exposure, also known as wireless charging. Compared with the traditional wired connection, wireless charging does not have a big difference. It requires charger data cable. The only difference is that the charging interface does not need to connect data cable, but the phone body fits the charging panel.

Nokia launched wireless charging in 2012, which was not popularized at that time. First, the charging efficiency was slow, and second, the price of charger was not cheap. Later, Samsung also used wireless charging on its flagship aircraft. In addition, the development of wired charging flash charging became faster and faster, and wireless charging was almost forgotten. Now the flash charging of mobile phones has reached 50W. It can be fully charged in half an hour, while the highest wireless charging is only 15W. Nowadays, the frequency of cell phones is very high, and the charging speed of batteries is particularly important.

The difference between wireless charging and wired charging

On September 13, 2017, Apple released three mobile phones with wireless charging, iPhone 8iphone 8plus.iphone X. In order to achieve the wireless charging body with glass back cover, the major domestic manufacturers successively launched wireless charging mobile phones. With the growing market, the price of charger is basically the same as that of ordinary charging head, but the actual use of wireless charging is still a small number.

After that, with the innovation of technology, wireless charging can really reach infinity. I think it is very practical. Mobile phones can be more practical without touching other objects for 5 meters or within 10 meters.

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