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Wireless charging makes life "wireless and simple"
2019-10-24 14:10:37

With the development of science and technology, there are more and more electronic products, followed by a variety of data lines.

In our daily life, we can't avoid dealing with the messy and tangled data lines. If you are a little careless, the data line under the table will cause accidents. The most embarrassing thing is that with the power bank, there is no data line. Some data lines are broken before long. Apple can't use the Android line yet!

First of all, let's understand what a wireless charger is.

Wireless charger is mainly through the coil magnetic field to produce low-frequency current, do not need a data line connection to be able to charge the phone. And now the vast majority of mobile phones supporting wireless charging have built-in wireless receivers, which can be charged by placing the mobile phone directly on the wireless charger. In this charging process, there is no need to use any data line! Absolutely convenient and simple!

wireless charging manufacturer

At present, most of the wireless chargers in the market are in the shape of black pancake, like a pancake machine, or the kind of black stand-up wireless charging, which do not seem to meet the requirements of your pursuit of low-key and simple design. Then you can get to know our products.

Because compared with the appearance of these old and cumbersome Desktop Wireless chargers, our wireless chargers really have a design style. Fashionable and eye-catching, and the shape is more compact and delicate.

White, pink and grey are all minimalist design styles in northern Europe. At home, on the desk, the living room tea table and the bedside cabinet, it looks very good whether it is equipped with a white mobile phone or a black mobile phone. It's just elegant tabletop decoration. And it's very well matched with your mobile phone. It's small and light. Its weight is only 105g. It's like a pearl on the palm of your hand. It not only meets the needs of home and office use, but also can be carried with you even when you go out for activities. The most important thing is that it can avoid frequent plugging and unplugging of mobile phone charging line and protect mobile phone charging plug.

Moreover, our wireless charger can also be smart touch controlled. After unpacking, connect the power of wireless charging, put the mobile phone on it gently, and then start charging. 2.0A adaptive power, intelligent low-temperature fast charging makes the mobile phone fully charged unintentionally, which is convenient and safe. Even if you wear a mobile phone protector, you can put it on the wireless charging directly, supporting 8mm high sensitivity. The regular protector does not affect the use.

Safety first, beauty second, 10W wireless fast charging tells you what is strength. The stable power makes the charging type of the mobile phone not serious, and the built-in high-quality chip reduces the charging loss to the minimum, and has a powerful foreign body protection function. When the charging temperature is too high, it can also automatically cut off the power, prevent over temperature and over voltage, and also can automatically detect the metal foreign body to protect the mobile phone.

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