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What is the wireless charging that has been popular since the iPhone?
2019-10-24 14:15:07

Wireless charger has now become a common device in our life. Many office workers usually put their mobile phones on the wireless charger. Although it's a little slower, there are enough eight hours to fill it up.

As long as the mobile phone is placed on the wireless charging board, the mobile phone will start to charge wirelessly, a conventional operation can't be better. Yes, wireless charging frees us from the shackles of mobile phone charging line, but it only helps mobile phone to get rid of the shackles of charging line. There is still a small tail on the bottom of charger, and we even have to cling to it.

What is our ideal wireless charging? In your spare time, walk into a coffee shop and your mobile phone can be charged wirelessly. Of course, if we still have a smart watch or Bluetooth headset, they will also be charged. We can play with the mobile phone in various positions and enjoy this rare leisure time.

In the face of the reality of bone feeling, the ideal of fullness can only reluctantly put down its pride, and the world is bound to compromise. Of course, this is our ideal wireless charging, but wireless charging has been used in a small amount on various electronic devices, in addition to mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, electric razors, smart watch bracelets, and electric vehicles under study. This also means that wireless charging will become a very common way of charging in life. The real wireless era is coming, human wisdom is immeasurable, and these will become reality at last.

Let's take a look at the principle behind this amazing wireless charging device.

The most common way is to use Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Using this law, we place a coil (closed circuit) at the transmitter and the receiver respectively to power the transmitter and generate a magnetic field through the current. When the coil at the receiving end enters the magnetic field, it can generate current, thus realizing the transfer of electricity from one end to the other without passing through the wire. Of course, electromagnetic induction is not only used, but also resonant circuit and magnetic field coupling.

The Qi standard of wireless charging Alliance (WPC) is based on electromagnetic induction. Nowadays, the vast majority of smart phones and wearable devices use this standard. The wireless charger of YMP brand also strictly implements the Qi charging standard of wpcv1.2, and specializes in the research and production of wireless charging products for mobile communication devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

 wireless charging wholesale

At present, there are car wireless charging, portable wireless charging and desktop embedded wireless charging. According to this universal law of electromagnetic induction principle, different wireless charging schemes can be customized for you, and corresponding schemes can be selected according to power, purpose, etc. Here is a professional team and reasonable price, for your reference.

The second is the principle of magnetic resonance. In fact, it is based on electromagnetic induction. Resonance and magnetic coupling are also used. The difference is that the working frequency of transmitter and receiver is at the resonance point, and the signal frequency is the same, so as to achieve resonance. By coupling the magnetic field at the resonance point, the transmission efficiency can be improved and the transmission distance can be greatly increased.

In addition to the above two, there is WiFi wireless charging technology, which can be charged by using routers, with a distance of up to 10 meters. And ultrasonic wireless charging technology, wearing a special wireless charging set, you can charge the mobile phone within five meters.

There are so many principles of wireless charging, which may be applied to the future wireless life. However, from the current point of view, Qi charging standard using electromagnetic induction law is still the mainstream standard in the market. Although it has various inconveniences, short transmission distance and low power, its charging power has gradually increased after a period of development, such as Huawei and Huawei. Xiaomi increased the power to 15W and 20W, which also indicates that wireless charging is no longer a very limited function.

Although the technical principle and implementation method are not complex, wireless charging is still not the standard configuration of mobile phones, most Android phones on the market still do not have the function of automatically receiving Qi charging, but it is very convenient to realize wireless charging by adding a Qi charging receiving chip. Yixin Chuangyan can also provide this kind of wireless charging scheme. In addition, the corresponding wireless charging receiving protection cover can be customized to make your mobile phone closer to wireless charging.

Generally speaking, we are still far away from the real dream of wireless charging, but it will come true sooner or later to fully realize wireless charging. We have reason to believe that wireless charging will bring infinite convenience to future life, and it is very worthy of our attention and support.

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