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Is mobile wireless charger universal
2021-03-30 10:50:09

The application of mobile phone wireless charger is very common, and it has shown its advantages of versatility, versatility, novelty, safety and so on in the consumer's experience. In this process, it meets the user's various obstacles about mobile phone charging, meets the one to many charging form, and shows the convenience in the application process. So, is mobile wireless charger universal?

Mobile phone wireless charger is universal, but this universality is a common concept, because in this process, we can see whether the charging specifications can be used are the same, different mobile phone models need different forms of mobile phone charging, even if the mobile phone wireless charger is convenient, but if the specifications are different, the universality is also limited.wireless charger

The universality of mobile phone wireless charger, for example, the Qi specification of mobile phone is the same, so no matter which manufacturer's device model can stop wireless charging, but the prerequisite is to have a wireless charging specification. Now Apple mobile phone meets this requirement, so Apple mobile phone has universality in the process of wireless charging.

As long as the models that meet the wireless charging function can be used, the mobile phone has the back cover of wireless charging. According to different manufacturers or different processes in the consumption process, there are many compatibility problems in the manufacturers of electronic devices. Therefore, the mobile phone wireless charger is proposed to purchase the corresponding models of chargers, and the wireless chargers of ordinary normal manufacturers have protocol support I'm not sure.

Therefore, if Apple and Qualcomm's QC wireless charging protocol appears in the purchase process, then the charging process can meet the general requirements, so the general wireless charger is a prerequisite.

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