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  • Where can we find the wireless charger

    2019-10-24 14:44:31
    Now wireless charging technology has been widely used, especially our mobile phone wireless charger. Where can we find a wireless charger in our life?
  • Wireless charger chicken ribs

    2019-10-24 14:37:17
    The wireless charger has been around for a long time, but it hasn't been recognized by everyone. There are still many people think it is very chicken ribs. Is that wireless charger really a chicken? No, you can't live.
  • Where is wireless charging better than wired charging

    2019-10-24 14:34:26
    p to now, many people think that wireless charger is unnecessary or useless. In fact, there will be this idea or the understanding of wireless charger is not deep enough. Now let's take a deep look at the advantages of wireless chargers.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of wireless charging

    2019-10-24 14:32:10
    Wireless charging is a very meaningful development and research direction. We all know that there are many hidden dangers in wired charging, and wired charging is greatly affected by distance and environment. Sometimes we need to connect a lot of wires for charging, and some wires are not safe, but we will still use it for charging.
  • The history of mobile wireless charging and its two charging schemes

    2019-10-24 14:29:20
    We all know that wireless charging of mobile phones is very popular now. What is its development history? What changes have mobile wireless charging experienced? And what are the current wireless charging schemes for mobile phones? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
  • Why do we choose wireless charger

    2019-10-24 14:20:42
    As we all know, wireless chargers have been controversial since they were introduced. Users have different opinions on it, some say it's good and convenient, some say it's very weak and not practical. What is the wireless charger worth choosing?
  • What are the advantages, application scope and characteristics of wireless charging

    2019-10-24 14:08:03
    As we all know, the current wireless charging market is very good. More and more people are using wireless chargers. More and more mobile phone brands are also supporting wireless charging design.
  • What are the standards of wireless chargers and how to choose a suitable one

    2019-10-24 14:04:28
    In today's society, efficiency, simplicity and timeliness are the choices and pursuits of many people. In this social background, wireless charging technology is undoubtedly in line with the above standards. From this, we can understand why wireless charging is developing so fast.
  • The significance and benefits of wireless charging

    2019-10-24 14:01:56
    The development of wireless charging technology is very strong, but there are still some limitations. For example, the charging speed is not fast, at least much slower than the charging speed in wired charging. Moreover, its power conversion rate is not 100%, and there is a lot of extra power consumption. Then why do so many people choose it?
  • Why some mobile phones don't support wireless charging

    2019-10-24 13:57:01
    Consumers don't understand why some mobile phones don't support wireless charging because they don't understand the principle of wireless charger.
  • Four applications of wireless charging make people's life easier

    2019-10-24 13:54:03
    What's good about wireless charging? The charging speed is slow, the charging process can't play with mobile phones, and the wireless charging is generally more expensive than the data line. The design of wireless charging seems to be quite weak. Do you have a similar "Prejudice" to wireless charging?
  • Why a Desktop Wireless charger

    2019-10-24 13:49:20
    The characteristic of business people is that they need to answer the phone frequently during busy working hours. The mobile phone consumes electricity quickly, but the work phone has to be answered. Many people will have awkward moments, charging while holding the phone on the desk.
  • The historical development of wireless charging

    2019-10-24 13:39:46
    In 1890, Nikola Tesla, a physicist and electrical engineer, conducted a wireless transmission test to realize AC power generation.
  • The domestic market of wireless charging

    2019-10-24 11:57:36
    Compared with the participation of many foreign manufacturers, there are not many institutions in China to study wireless charging technology, including ZTE, BYD, Chongqing University, etc. ZTE began to develop wireless charging technology in 2013 and launched mature and specific products and programs in 2014. At present, ZTE's wireless charging scheme has been put into use in some cities.
  • Usage of wireless charger

    2019-10-24 11:49:03
    China is the world's largest wireless mobile communication market, and 1.3 billion people can say that each person has a smartphone, or even multiple smartphones, and the endurance of mobile phones has a huge impact on the use experience. The demand for convenient, easy-to-use, interoperable and compatible wireless charging products will increase at a geometric level. The great potential of the development of wireless charging industry can also promote Chinese enterprises to actively participate in and study this market, and effectively improve the product width and competitiveness of enterprises. And as China has a strong copycat market, it is expected that the wireless charging technology in China will develop rapidly.
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