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The right way to use wireless charger
2020-04-13 15:41:13

In general, as long as you ensure that your mobile phone supports wireless charging, and that it is more than 10V, you can connect the data line and charging head through the wireless charging board to charge directly. If the connection is successful, there will be a clear prompt on the phone when it is charging. The following mobile wireless charger manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction of the correct use of mobile wireless charger, hoping to help people use mobile wireless charger everyday.

The right way to use wireless charger

1、 To make sure whether your mobile phone supports wireless charging, the professional staff of mobile phone wireless charger manufacturer said: This is mainly because the built-in mobile phone device that supports wireless charging contains wireless sensor hardware design. Only this kind of hardware design can carry out wireless charging, instead, it cannot carry out wireless charging.


2、 In the daily use of mobile phone wireless charger, connect the wireless charger to the data line directly, and the wireless charging can be directly carried out through the data line to the charger mobile phone. Generally, when the charging is in progress and completed, there is an indicator light on the charging board to remind you that you can use it when it is full and unplug it directly, which is very convenient.

3、 The position of wireless coil of different models of mobile phones is also different. Some may be close to the lens position. Therefore, it is necessary to find the correct wireless position by circling. Generally, only when the wireless appliance is charged normally will it light up.

Finally, mobile phone wireless charger manufacturers remind mobile phone wireless charger is not a long-distance wireless charging, only when their mobile phone is close to the wireless charging board can it play a role. Therefore, people should pay attention to it in daily use.

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