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Social benefits brought by smart lighting systems
2020-11-20 14:03:56

Compared with traditional lighting, the intelligent lighting system is more intelligent and convenient in the management and control of lighting. The intelligent lighting system uses a variety of intelligent controls, such as timing, remote, centralized management, etc., to manage lamps and lights on and off, brightness and other functions, thereby achieving the effects of energy saving, environmental protection, and intelligence. The previous articles about the characteristics and functions of the intelligent lighting system have been introduced, so I won't repeat them here. This article will continue to understand smart light poles and smart lighting systems by analyzing the social benefits brought by smart lighting systems.

1. The intelligent lighting system adopts the monitoring method of distributed control to improve the real-time performance of street lamp control. The system supports the control of the switch of any street light in the area according to the needs of seasons, climates and special holidays, to improve the consistency of lighting, and to avoid the waste of electricity caused by inaccurate or out-of-control clock control, so as to be timely , Moderate lighting. For example, according to the seasons, you can set the turn-on and turn-off time of the lamp power, and support to set different power output values during any time period when the lamp is turned on.

2. After adopting the intelligent lighting system, the brightness, temperature, voltage, current, power and power factor of each lamp can be detected and controlled, and feedback to the control center in time, so that operation and management personnel can stay at home Understand the situation of switching lights everywhere, and grasp the working status of the lights in real time. It not only saves the running cost of the patrol light, but also greatly shortens the response processing time. At the same time, it has a complete fault diagnosis function, which can detect hidden troubles in time and prevent them before they happen.


3. The monitoring center can actively query the on-off status, current and voltage, power and other data of each street lamp through the LORA wireless communication technology.

4. Single lamp and group control of lamps can be carried out. A single centralized controller can control more than 1000 single lamps at most to meet the application of different places.

5. The single lamp memory function can work independently from the control system. Before changing its working parameters, each lamp will continue to turn on, turn off the lamp and adjust the brightness repeatedly according to the parameters set last time.

Urban road lighting is related to people's safe travel, and is a livelihood project that people care about. The energy-saving transformation of urban road lighting helps to enhance the image of the city, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the urban environment. It is a public welfare project that has long benefited the people. Through the construction of informatized and automated systems, combined with smart light poles, the lighting effect of municipal roads has been improved, and the traditional way of relying on manual on-site control and inspection to troubleshoot faults has been changed. This greatly saves manpower and maintenance costs while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. , Realizing low-carbon smart lighting.

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